About Us

Who are We?

Kauffman and Recolte is a private limited company that was incorporated to help small-scale farmers. Our company comprises of an R&D department that aims to reduce the overall cost of operation of a farm, by introducing new technology and equipments. In this way, we aim to produce and manufacture at our own manufacturing plant using modern technologies. We look forward to making farming a viable option for the younger generation.

Our Vision

We want to make farming a viable option for this generation of farmers and the next and to stop farmer’s suicide for any kind of reason.

How Kauffman And Recolte Aims To Solve The Problems

In response to the labor challenges, our approach to investigating these cross-cutting labor issues in agriculture and land management brings together researchers across different areas of the organization.  

Identifying or developing models and coordinated sector-level responses that can address farm and processor-level concerns about anticipated or experienced labor shortages.

Analyzing sustainability frameworks, reporting protocols, and agribusiness disclosure efforts allow us to prepare accurate and meaningful reports on efforts to reduce social license risk and elevate best practices across the supply chain.

Assessing supply chain resiliency and supply chain vulnerability using modern techniques.

We are working together with retailers and major agribusinesses to analyze supply chain vulnerabilities to labor shortages.

We are looking at what we can learn from other economic sectors that have similarly addressed issues around labor access and affordability.

Introduction of new machinery and technology that aims to reduce the cost of investment during the entire farming process.

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